The M SALT Story

It all started on a beautiful summer night in Grand Haven, Michigan. After grilling steaks and veggies seasoned to perfection with M SALT, we headed to the beach for a bon fire. As we sat on the shores of Lake Michigan watching the flames pop and dance to the sky, it hit us. Why don’t we take our show on the road? Everyone had been telling us to bottle M-Salt and let everyone enjoy it. That’s exactly what we did. An old family recipe passed down by generation is now available to turn your food from ordinary to extraordinary.

The perfect blend of salt, herbs and spices will dazzle your taste buds.We hope you will enjoy M SALT as much as we have all these years.


Customer Testimonial: I was down at the Grand Haven Farmers Market today and bought 5 of the large size M Salt containers. I just love it and so do my friends. I heard about the product at a local Weight Watchers meeting. The women raved about how it enhances the taste of everything, especially vegetables. So I bought a small container at the market that same day. WOW what a difference it makes in everything I have tried it on. Wonderful on popcorn! I gave my friends some in a small sandwich bag and they all loved it too. They said"get us some!" but it was Coast Guard Saturday in Grand Haven and I live where they line up the parade. Going by car is just out of the question. so I walked about a mile and a quarter to the market. Now I have enought to give a large tin to all my friends. Thank you for making such a great product and making it here in Michigan!

Sue S.
Grand Haven, MI